All japanese people learn English when they were student!?But, they say”I can’t speak English”.why!?

If you know what to talk about, it will be very convenient when you spend time in Japan or when you communicate with Japanese people.

All japanese people learn English when they were student.

In Japan, you have to learn English with junior high school students, high school and university.
And in high school / university entrance examinations, Japanese students have to take a tests English.

Isn’t it funny?
Even though native language is Japanese, I can’t get a good education if I can’t pass English test!

When you heard so far, do you think “Japanese people speak English”,aren’t you?

Rather, most Japanese think I’m not good at English.
Because, they were experienced stringent in English education and test.
And, they lost confidence.

In the first place, Japanese English education was conducted to develop talents who can read overseas official documents and academic papers.
In Japan 100 years ago(Meiji era), it was necessary to learn excellent knowledge and technology from Europe and develop the country.
The government have been working hard to educate people that can read English since then.

Therefore, learning English grammar is important for Japanese English education.
In fact, Most Japanese people can English newspaper, if they have enough time and use dictionary.
That’s because they learn basic English grammar in 12th-18th years old.
Even I wasn’t good at English, I read English newspapers in English classes when I was in university.

On the other hand, Most Japanese people say “I can’t speak English”.
That’s because they didn’t do so much English training at Japanese schools.

Strictly speaking, there are English conversation teachers.
Native speakers from the US and UK will come to Japan and teach English.

However, English conversation affects most entrance examinations in Japan.
In addition, as long as you live in Japan, you rarely have the opportunity to speak with native English speakers.

Therefore, even if most japanese people meet an American unexpectedly, they will be silent without speaking English.
Or They will avoid from speaking in English.

Japan has many opportunities for people who can speak English

But, there is a lot of people they want to be able to speak English very well in japan.
If you want to go to Japan or stay to japan, you might want to become an English teacher in Japan.
Because both schools and English conversation classes are recruiting teachers of native speakers.

If you want to become a teacher in Japan, please search for “JET Program”
this link is a example.

JET Programme Canada - Live, Work, and Teach in Japan
Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme - Founded in 1987, the Programme aims to promote grass roots culture exchange between Japan and other nations. Parti...

There are many other jobs in Japan for people who can speak English.
There are companies that do not catch up with English support, companies that plan to expand overseas, and translation work…etc.
that’s because Japanese people misunderstand to use English difficult.

This trend is also reflected in their behavior.

If you are avoided by the Japanese, they probably don’t want to speak English.
You will never hate you.

On the other hand, non-Japanese women who can speak English should remember this Japanese character well when visiting Japan.
It is very good to speak in English when you get rid of pick up artists.

“Osa Jäkström”, a Swedish who speaks three languages, depicts how her manga drives away the pickup artist.


If you understand Japanese and can use a Japanese Kindle, you can learn about the lives of foreigners who have visited Japan from her comics.

Please read if you are interested.(Note!The link is from not

Japanese who use English can be classified into four types.

So far, I have talked about Japanese who are not good at English.

let’s talk about Japanese people who are confident that they can speak English.And I will talk briefly.

Japanese who use English can be classified into four types.
type1.Someone who speaks confidently but doesn’t know what he is saying.
type2.A person who can read English very well because his grades were good in Japan.
type3.Someone who became to be able to read and write English to enjoy hobbies.
type4.Someone who has worked in the US or Australia or the Philippines and can speak English fluently.(The UK is far from Japan, that’s why few people have learned English in the UK.)

Many of those who have experienced studying abroad or homestay in foreign country include to Type 1.

If you do a homestay in foreign country, you can speak many local languages.
However, the homestay host family is not your teacher.
Even if you speak the wrong English, they will not point out.

The same is true if you speak English with your lover.
Many Japanese women associate with non-Japanese men.
When she can communicate with her lover in English,They say “I became to be able to speak English”.

But the lover does not point out her English mistakes.
Even if you can cope with body language and quick response, you will not learn English grammar or the ability to speak to others.

If you see someone who speaks a mysterious English, you will remind type1.


Type 2 tends to much among those who have received the best education in Japan.

Since they have mastered English grammar by the age of 18, they can read most English sentences.
However, They have English conversation training only a little, so my ability to speak English is low.
When you work in Japan as a white collar, you will meet many people of this type2.

Type 3 people are good at writing or reading.
In order to do things that I can’t enjoy in Japan, They are surfing the Internet in English and using the chat to speak English.
However, because I don’t speak face-to-face, I don’t become to speak English.

Their English is unique.
Because They learned English to enjoy Their hobby.
It may contain unusual terms and phrases that are different.
You often be able to see Type3 on the net, but you don’t meet much if you come to Japan.

Type 4 is a talented person.
It is difficult for students, but it is best to work for Japanese to learn English.

Speaking with many people in English will improve Their English.
I don’t have the tension of “I’m troubled by failure” at school or with my lover, but it’s a business.
If you continue to use English in a harsh environment, English will improve even for Japanese.

If you want to be friend with Japanese, look for Type 4.
that’s because there is no language wall between you and them.

This book introduces the JET program introduced in the article in more detail.If you are interested, please.